Music Industry Accounting

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Musicians and music industry businesses need a resource on their team that will help control costs, review royalties, and watch the budget. At Alegna Financial Management, Inc., we will serve as your trusted financial advisor. You can count on us to keep a close eye on your money so you can pour all of your energy into living your best life and doing what you do best, making music.

As experienced entertainment accountants, we understand the industry and will always make sure you're being properly compensated. We know how to examine copyright and licensing agreements to uncover discrepancies and scrutinize royalty accountings to find missing payments. When necessary, we'll work with your attorney to collect unpaid royalties and will keep you in compliance with current tax regulations.

As big music fans ourselves, we enjoy working with industry professionals and business owners to preserve wealth and maximize financial success. We offer our accounting, tax, and wealth advisory services to producers, record labels, engineers, recording studios, bands, musicians, singers, dancers, choreographers, music production companies, media companies, and publishing companies.

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Accounting for music professionals and businesses: