Sports Industry Accounting

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Being a professional athlete demands a high level of time and dedication. Protect all you've worked so hard to accomplish with the assistance of a financial partner that's always looking out for your welfare, Alegna Financial Management, Inc. We specialize in entertainment accounting and financial advisory for professional and college athletes. When you sign on with us, we'll protect your assets, control taxes, and help you manage your wealth. We also serve the accounting and tax needs of sports agents, management companies, and athletic facilities.

Our Atlanta based CPA firm offers everything you need to monitor your finances. We'll analyze sponsorship agreements and review your endorsements to be sure you always get the compensation you deserve. We'll also design a personalized tax strategy to minimize tax obligations and will adjust this plan to coordinate with changing government regulations. To care for your household finances, we provide a number of family office services including personal budgeting and bill paying and will design a comprehensive estate plan to ensure your wealth is easily transferred to beneficiaries when the time comes.

Find out how we can help you stay in control of your money, preserve your wealth, and maintain your lifestyle as you transition from your active career towards retirement. Request a strategy session through our website now or call us now at 404-889-8650 to learn more.

Accounting for athletes and sports businesses: