Tax Planning for Entertainers

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Many successful professionals and business owners in the entertainment industry are burdened with high taxes. Carrying a heavy tax burden can stifle business growth and threaten personal wealth. At Alegna Financial Management, Inc., our CPA firm has the strategies to reduce taxes for entertainers and entertainment industry businesses. We save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes each year and we can do the same for you.

Rather than fighting the system, we use the tax code to your benefit by legally and ethically reducing your tax burden. We analyze your entire financial picture including business objectives, investment structures, and past tax returns to create a comprehensive plan. We constantly update this plan as tax laws and your financial situation change to continually control your tax liabilities. The results are, you pay less in taxes so you have the cashflow to embrace opportunities, grow your business, and increase your wealth.

Some accountants only connect with clients at tax time but we help manage your entire financial picture so we stay in touch with you throughout the year. We'll always assist you in making financial decisions that could impact your taxes. Call us now at 404-889-8650 to get started or request a consultation online now.

Tax services for the entertainment industry:

  • Strategic tax planning to reduce taxes
  • State, federal, local, and international tax compliance
  • Tax representation and resolution
  • Multi-state taxation
  • Assistance with complex tax issues
  • Payroll tax compliance
  • Help identify state entertainment tax credits
  • State tax and revenue clearances for performances
  • International tax and revenue clearances for foreign countries
  • High net worth tax preparation
  • Business tax preparation