Entertainment Business Management

entertainment business management

Entertainment professionals and business owners face a number of unique financial challenges. Unexpected expenses can strain cash flow and delay projects, causing budget problems and stress. Navigating these ups and downs can make managing money and making the right business decisions difficult. At Alegna Financial Management, Inc., our CPA firm specializes in business management solutions for the entertainment industry. We'll act as your personal CFO to ensure you stay on track.

With us on your team to oversee your accounting and resolve financial issues, you won't have to worry about where your money is going. We'll show you how to keep cash flowing so you have the financing to buy equipment and complete creative projects. You can also count on us to review contracts for royalties and residuals, pay contractors and vendors, connect you with legal assistance through our network of attorneys, and work with insurance professionals to properly safeguard assets and property. No matter what obstacles come up, we know how to help conquer all of the financial hurdles of the entertainment industry.

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Business management services:

  • Review contracts for revenue sharing, royalties, residuals
  • Accounting services
  • Handle state and international tax clearances
  • Business growth planning
  • Cash flow management
  • Personal CFO services
  • Identifying necessary business policies and procedures
  • Assistance with large asset purchases
  • Financing for equipment acquisitions
  • Contract negotiations
  • Legal assistance from our network of attorneys
  • Management of banking relationships (transfers, deposits, etc.)
  • Payroll services
  • Payments to contractors and vendors
  • Bill paying services
  • Consulting with investment professionals